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Sedation Dentistry in Toronto

Facing anxiety from past dental treatment experiences? Sedation dentistry may be the solution for you, to get advanced dental work without the discomfort of traditional dental procedures. 


Our dentists at Dorval Dental have years of expertise, a calm demeanour and will always help you to feel relaxed when you arrive for your dental appointment. Sedation dentistry is an effective means of transforming past traumatic dental episodes into a safe and relaxing experience. We encourage patients of all age groups to practice good dental hygiene, but when things reach a point where a dental treatment becomes unavoidable, or pain starts to develop, we have you covered with anxiety-free nitrous oxide dental procedures.   

Benefits of Nitrous Oxide Sedation

We offer nitrous oxide sedation which helps you relax and eliminate anxiety. Most of the patients experience a comfortable dental appointment for it has an amnesic effect and often patients remember little or nothing from their previous dental visit.

It helps you relax during your appointment, allowing you to sit through your surgical or cosmetic procedure anxiety-free.  Ask if nitrous oxide is right for you.

Reduced sensation dental treatment

Helps to overcome gag-reflex

Patients may undergo multiple treatments in fewer visits

Nitrous oxide is a euphoria-inducing, yet mild sedative

Less anxiety means better dental treatment

Nitrous Oxide Sedation being given to the patient

Why Choose Us?

Dorval Dental is a family dental practice in Toronto and is dedicated to providing a reliable and safe dental treatment for our patients. We offer a wide range of services including cosmetic dentistry , preventive dentistry and crowns and implants . Our team of dental assistants and administrators will make your treatment experience positive. We treat patients of all age groups and encourage them to maintain a healthy oral care habit. You can also rely on us for botox and sleep apnea treatments.


When in need of sedation dentistry in Toronto, visit our clinic for personalized service. Contact us today to book an appointment with Dorval Dental.

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