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Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Toronto

At Dorval Dental, we meet all of your and your family's dental needs with our family and pediatric dental services in Toronto. We have the experience and the skills to deal with all kinds of general dental concerns quickly and efficiently. We restore your dental health by assessing your teeth, providing you with the right treatment (if required), and advising you about proper dental practices. Our family and pediatric dental services in Toronto are available to clients of all age groups, from babies to senior citizens. 


Please read more about what we do below, and if you have any queries regarding our family and pediatric services in Toronto, please send them to us.

Our Services

Dr. Richard Styka offers family and general dentistry in Toronto in a gentle, efficient, and comfortable environment. Our dental services are designed to relieve and repair any acute dental problems you may be experiencing, as well as provide a solid foundation of oral health that will prevent  dental problems in the future.


Dr. Styka and his professional team at Dorval Dental offer a full suite of dental services to provide lasting oral health and a smile you’ll be proud to share. Some of the treatments we offer include:

Dr. Richard Styka: Proud to Be Your Family Dentist in Toronto

Choosing the right dentist for your family’s needs is an important decision, and Dr. Richard Styka is proud to be your family dentist in Toronto. From children to seniors, we accept patients of all ages at our dental practice. Whether your child’s first tooth has come in or you’ve knocked out a tooth while playing hockey and require an emergency dentist , we’re here to provide comprehensive dentistry for the whole family. From crowns and dental implants to tooth extractions, fillings and teeth whitening, we’re committed to looking out for your dental health. Whether you need immediate pain relief or long-term care, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Proper Oral Hygiene and Periodontal Maintenance

Dr. Richard Styka and staff at Dorval Dental believe in the importance of preventative dental care , such as proper oral hygiene and periodontal maintenance, in order to prevent cavities and gum disease. That’s why we recommend brushing and flossing your teeth daily and coming in for regular appointments with our staff to clean and examine your teeth. We’ll thoroughly review your medical history to help identify any illnesses (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.) that could potentially have an impact on your oral health. At our office, we always listen to your concerns, address all of your questions and carefully explain all of your available options so you can always feel good about making an informed decision regarding your dental health.

Evening Appointments Available for Your Convenience

Is it time for your dental check-up? Contact Dorval Dental to schedule your next appointment at our Toronto dental office. We strive to provide compassionate care four days a week with evening appointments available to accommodate your family’s busy schedule.


Composite & Porcelain Fillings for Toronto & Area

If you have cavities or other damage to your teeth, Dorval Dental offers fillings in Toronto and similar treatments to help combat the issue. A variety of dental filling materials are available for the procedure, including silver, porcelain, and composite resin. This is an excellent option to improve the look of your teeth and their functioning.


If you'd like to know more about fillings in Toronto, please get in touch with us.

Composite Resin Bonding

One restorative method we offer is composite resin bonding. This can be used on chipped, cracked, discoloured, or misarranged teeth. This chairside procedure begins by lightly etching the surface of your tooth and applying the liquid bonding. The liquid sets, and we then apply the plastic resin, sculpting it to the desired shape. The material is hardened with a high-intensity  light and then trimmed, smoothed, and polished.

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain or tooth-coloured fillings are more aesthetically pleasing and offer a longer life-span than composite resin. Porcelain fillings are one of the most common dental ceramics used by dentists. However, these types of fillings are usually more expensive and require two appointments to place.


Get dental fillings from Dorval Dental in Toronto. Call to book a consultation and see what fillings are right for you.

Dental Care for Kids in Toronto

It's important to start early when it comes to your dental care. With our dental care for kids in Toronto, we can help your child establish good oral hygiene habits that will follow them into adulthood. At Dorval Dental, we have the necessary experience to deal with children's dental issues and encourage them to practice good dental hygiene. 


If you have any questions regarding our dental care for kids in Toronto, please get in touch with us.

When to Schedule Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment

Usually, your child’s regular dental visits start after their third birthday. The first visit is short and mostly focuses on getting to know more about your child’s oral health. We carry out a gentle exam of your child’s teeth, and gums take place as well as an x-ray to see the progress of your child’s permanent teeth. We make sure your child is receiving enough fluoride at home and will offer advice on caring for your child’s teeth at home.

First Dentist Visit Tips

To get your child ready for their first dentist visit, we at Dorval Dental offers this advice:

Let your child visit the dentist office before their initial appointment as a little preview

Read books about the dentist and going to the dentist for dental appointments at home

Go over with your child what the dentist might do during their first visit

Speak positively about the whole dental experience to set your child’s mind at ease

The Wand

At Dorval Dental, we know that some children have a fear of needles and syringes. The Wand is an alternative to regular anesthesia delivery. Pain is often felt when getting a shot for local anesthesia. This pain is usually caused by the anesthesia being injected quickly into the tissue. The Wand, on the other hand, controls the flow rate of the injected anesthesia, slowing it down and offering two to three times more comfort than a traditional syringe. With The Wand, children experience a much more positive dental appointment. In fact, even removing the needle and replacing it with The Wand’s pen-like appearance can make the environment seem a lot less threatening to a child.


To learn more about The Wand and other child-related dental information, call Dorval Dental today.


Tooth Extraction in Toronto

A tooth extraction may be needed for a number of reasons: wisdom teeth are poorly positioned in the gums; a tooth is decayed or damaged beyond repair; or preparation is needed for orthodontic treatment. By booking an appointment at Dorval Dental for tooth extraction in Toronto, we can determine if extraction is the best solution for your dental health needs.

After Extraction Home Care – Keeping Your Smile Healthy

Find simple tips to follow after your tooth extraction:

Bleeding: Place a moist piece of gauze over the empty tooth socket and bite down for 45 minutes to control bleeding.

Blood clots in the empty socket: Don’t dislodge blood clots as they help with healing. Avoid rinsing and spitting for 24 hours and don’t use a straw, smoke, or drink hot liquids.

Swelling: To stop swelling, place ice on your face for 10 minutes and leave off for 20. Repeat the process as necessary for up to 24 hours.

Pain & Medication

Pain medication is okay to take if you experience pain after teeth extraction. Non-prescription pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen is recommended.


If pain persists after two days you must call the office contact us .


Chew away from the extraction site and stay away from hot liquids and alcoholic beverages for 24 hours. We may recommend a liquid diet for 24 hours after the extraction.

Brushing & Cleaning

Avoid brushing your teeth near the extraction for one day. Beginning 24 hours after the extraction, you can rinse your mouth with salt water (½ teaspoon of salt in a cup of water) after eating and before bed. Do not use commercial mouth rinses.

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