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Toronto Tooth Extraction – Process & Home Care

A tooth extraction may be needed for a number of reasons: wisdom teeth are poorly positioned in the gums; a tooth is decayed or damaged beyond repair; or preparation is needed for orthodontic treatment. By booking an appointment with Dr. Richard Styka in Toronto, we can determine if extraction is the best solution for your dental health needs.

Tooth Extraction Process

During a tooth extraction, we numb the tooth, jawbone, and gums surrounding the area. The extraction process causes a lot of pressure because the tooth needs to be rocked in order to widen the socket for removal. The pressure will be felt without pain thanks to the numbing anesthetic. However, if pain is felt during this procedure, let us know right away.

After Extraction Home Care – Keeping Your Smile Healthy

Find simple tips to follow after your tooth extraction:

  • Bleeding – Place a moist piece of gauze over the empty tooth socket and bite down for 45 minutes to control bleeding.
  • Blood clots in the empty socket – Don’t dislodge blood clots as they help with healing. Avoid rinsing and spitting for 24 hours and don’t use a straw, smoke, or drink hot liquids.
  • Swelling – To stop swelling, place ice on your face for 10 minutes and leave off for 20. Repeat the process as necessary for up to 24 hours.

Pain & Medication

Pain medication is okay to take if your experience pain after teeth extraction. Non-prescription pain relief like acetaminophen or ibuprofen is recommended.


Chew away from the extraction site and stay away from hot liquids and alcoholic beverages for 24 hours. We may recommend a liquid diet for 24 hours after extraction.

Brushing & Cleaning

Avoid brushing your teeth near the extraction for one day. Beginning 24 hours after extraction, you can rinse your mouth with salt water (½ teaspoon of salt in a cup of water) after eating and before bed. Do not use commercial mouth rinses.

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