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Need an Emergency Dentist in Toronto? Come to Dorval Dental!

Dental emergencies are no picnic. That’s why Dorval Dental is an emergency dentist clinic Toronto you can count on to provide urgent dental care when you need it the most. Whether you’ve accidentally knocked out a tooth, you’re experiencing a severe toothache due to a cavity, or you require an emergency tooth extraction, you can pay our dental office a visit, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your dental emergency. We usually set aside a certain amount of time for emergency procedures, with evening appointments available for your convenience.


As your trusted emergency dentist in Toronto, Dr. Richard Styka and staff at Dorval Dental are available to treat a variety of dental emergencies while you wait, including:

Abscessed teeth and gums

Abscessed teeth and gums

broken teeth

Broken, chipped or cracked teeth

jaw icon

Knocked-out teeth

tooth with a tool icon

Lost or broken crowns, fillings and veneers

magnifying glass over a tooth

TMJ jaw pains

toothache icon


How Do I Know If It's a Dental Emergency?

How do you know if it’s truly a dental emergency or something that can wait a day or two? Try not to panic and ask yourself these questions to determine the severity of your issue before calling our dental office:

Is your mouth bleeding?

Are you in severe pain?

Do you have any loose or knocked-out teeth?

Do you have any noticeable swelling in your mouth or facial area?

Do you have any noticeable bulges, swelling or knots in your gums?

Were you hit in the face or mouth?

view of a dental chair

Contact Us to Schedule an Emergency Appointment

Wearing a mouthguard while participating in sports activities can go a long way in the prevention of dental emergencies. Additionally, you should always avoid chewing on ice and other hard foods that could cause your teeth to fracture. Regularly checking for loose crowns or fillings could save you from the pain of an abscessed tooth. However, sometimes dental emergencies are unavoidable. Don’t live with the excruciating pain of a dental emergency any longer than you have to – contact the office of Dorval Dental to schedule an emergency appointment at our Toronto office!

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